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Complementary & Alternative Medicine (Salem Health)
  The online edition of the 4-volume set, Salem Health: Complementary & Alternative Medicine.  Provides authoritative, essential information on complementary and alternative medicine in easy-to-understand language.

Health and Wellness Resource Center (Gale)  Provides up-to-date reference material as well as full-text magazines, journals, and pamphlets from a wide variety of authoritative medical sources; as well as descriptions of and links to many pertinent websites.

Nursing and Allied Health Collection (Gale)  Including nearly 400 titles, this collection's current and authoritative content will be of use to both professionals already working in the field as well as students pursuing a nursing-focused curriculum.

Psychology Collection (Gale)  This collection gives individuals a basic understanding of the study of the mind, emotions and how the human mind develops -- and diminishes -- over time. Instant access to 200 subject-appropriate full-text periodicals.