Bookmobile: Stop Guidelines

Stop Guidelines:
The Bookmobile Library Staff will visit areas of potential need, within a set schedule of stops.  The following criteria are typically used to select Bookmobile stops.

Bookmobile Service Priorities:
  • Areas furthest from the library with under-served population
  • Senior & Youth Care Facilities
  • Medical Rehabilitation Centers
  • Community Events
  • Non-Profit Organizations
All Bookmobile stops must:
  • Be within the Largo service area, or adjacent unincorporated service areas.
  • Easily integrate into the existing schedule.
  • Provide a parking area that is suitable for the vehicle and allows safe access for patrons.
Stop Evaluations:
Stops are evaluated on an ongoing basis. The library reserves the right to cancel/change/move a stop at any point if it feels the arrangement is not the best use of library resources.

Factors used in evaluating stop locations or times:
  • How many patrons access the service on a consistent basis.
  • Circulation of materials per stop.
  • Consistent return of library materials in good condition.
  • Proximity to other mobile stops and traditional library service.
  • Time of the year.
Bookmobile Schedule:
The Bookmobile operates Tuesday through Friday on a bi-weekly stop rotation.

Complete a Bookmobile: Stop Request Form.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Library Outreach Liaison at 727-587-6715, Ext. 2560 or