Teen Volunteer Form

We Are Not Accepting Applications At This Time
There are many options available for teens to volunteer at the library.  
  • Detailed volunteer opportunity descriptions are outlined below.
  • A minimum of 20 hours is required to volunteer at the library.
  • Ages 12-18 may apply.
  • Please apply online or stop by the Teen Room to pick up a volunteer application.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Merissa, 727-587-6715 Ext. 2567,
  • For adult volunteer opportunities, go here
Teen Volunteer Job Descriptions: 
  • Program Help - We have many programs for adults, teens, and children. Volunteers may help with set up, craft instruction, puppet shows, and many other activities related to library programs.
  • Shelving - Volunteers that choose shelving will most often be putting away books in either the Children's Department or the Teen Room. This is the most flexible volunteering job.
  • Program Planning - A number of programs are presented at the library by the teens for the younger children. This program planning group helps initiate ideas, create activities, and participates during the programs on the day they are scheduled.  Program Planning is not available during the summer months.
  • Teen Fundraiser Planning - This group meets several times a month throughout the year to create, plan, and execute the annual fundraising event.
  • Teen Library Council (TLC) - This group that meets once a month for 2 hours each meeting discusses Teen Room policy, the young adult book collection, safety concerns, ideas for new programs, improvement to existing programs, and how the library can best meet the needs or our teen patrons. Note: TLC is limited to 14 members each year. TLC is not available during the summer months.
  • Teen Readers' Advisory Board - The board meets once a month for 2 hours to discuss ways to improve the young adult book collection.  Review new books, learn about new YA authors, etc.  This opportunity is not available during summer.
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