Book Page Paper Roses

Reuse and repurpose materials you already have for a fun craft at home!  For book page paper roses, you'll need 3 pages from a book (not a library book of course!).  

1) Cut each page into 11 centimeter x 11 centimeter squares.   
book pages ruler

2) Fold each square into a triangle, and another triangle, and then into another triangle.  The end result should be a third of the size of the first triangle.  You will have 3 folded triangles.  
pages folded into triangles

3) Take one of the small triangles and keep it folded with the pointed end facing down.  Cut open the top to make a dome shape (it should look like an ice cream cone).  Cut the other two pieces of paper the same way each time.
folded triangle of paper rounded cut at top

4)  Cut the bottom point off of each.  

folded piece of paper scissors cutting off tip

5) Unfold each piece.   

open petals book pages

6) Take one piece of paper and cut out one petal; leaving you with 1 and 7 petals.  Take the 2nd piece of paper and cut out 2 petals (keep them together as one piece!); you then have 2 and 6 petals.  Take the 3rd piece of paper and cut out 3 petals (keep them together as one piece!); to leave you with 5 and 3.  

petals cut book pages

7) Re-crease each fold on the petals to a valley fold so they all sit the same way.  

8) With glue, stick the edges together on the 3, 5, 6, and 7 petal pieces. 

book pages glued make flower petals

9) Use a skewer or toothpick to curl the edges of the petals.  Curl the 1 and 2 petal pieces separately, complete around themselves (lengthwise). 
          curled petal book page              

book page paper roses curled edges

10)  Compile the rose starting with the biggest number of petals on the bottom, working your way up to the smallest, gluing as you go.  For example, place a circle of glue on the bottom of the 6 petal piece and sit it on top of the 7 petal piece.  Press it together so the glue will stick.  Do the same with the next piece and so on.  Eventually the base of the 3, 2, and 1 petal pieces will poke through the hole in the middle of the flower.                                           
                                                          petals glued together book pages   

11)  As you are putting your flower together, make sure each layer of petals sit off the center to the previous one.  Work quickly as the glue will set fast. 

12) Put a dab of glue on your skewer or toothpick.  Place the unglued end down the center of the flower and pull it through so the glued end sits in the flower.  Wait for it to set.    

                                                               book page rose  skewer with glue

Completed flower! 

book page rose

  • Add color to book page roses by marking the end of the petal. 
  • Older books with yellowed pages also look effective. 
  • You can also use old atlas paper or recycled sheet music. 
  • Cut the petals in different shapes for various effects (i.e., pointed petal flowers). 
We look forward to seeing you at one of our programs in the future!
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